Assessing a Fishery

Resources that provide guidance on assessing a fishery, including pre-assessment, needs assessment, and scoping document tools.

MSC Pre-Assessment

Marine Stewardship Council Pre-Assessment Reporting Template v2.0

World Wildlife Fund - US MSC Handbook: Guidelines for Developing MSC Pre-Assessment and Full Assessment Projects
Page 15 provides guidance about the MSC pre-assessment process and why a fishery would consider conducting one.


Needs Assessment
An overview assessment of a fishery’s sustainability status using can help identify areas where a fishery should improve.


Scoping Document

World Wildlife Fund - US FIP Handbook: Guidelines for Developing Fishery Improvement Projects
Page 23 provides an overview of how to develop a scoping document, and pages 43-47 offer a template tool and example FIPs can use to create their scoping documents.