Give FIP Feedback

Comment on a FIP

FisheryProgress users may share feedback about FIPs listed on the site via the stakeholder comment feature. To provide a comment about a specific FIP, visit the FIP’s profile overview tab. The comment box is located at the bottom of the page. There, users may submit a comment about that FIP around the following topics only:

  • Concerns about a FIP’s data, evidence, or progress rating

Providing evidence to support the concern or allegation is optional but highly encouraged. FisheryProgress will respond to all stakeholder comments within 30 days.

If your comment is not related to a specific FIP, you may submit it through FisheryProgress’ general comment feature.

Appeal a FIP

The conflict resolution and appeals process is set for the effective and timely resolution of challenges and appeals relating to FIP profiles published on the FisheryProgress website, or to the decisions taken by FisheryProgress reviewers. FisheryProgress has a preference for resolution of conflicts informally if possible, following the conflict resolution process outlined in the site’s FIP Review Guidelines. If the concerns cannot be solved informally through conflict resolution, a FIP implementer, FIP participant, or external stakeholder can enter into a formal appeal process.

Requirements. Appeals must be submitted using the appeal template (available to download here) and supported by credible evidence. Any appeals submitted on issues outside of the noted scope or without credible evidence will be declined. Any appeals submitted without first engaging in the informal conflict resolution process will be declined. Submitting a comment on a FIP profile (above) is a necessary first step for any external stakeholders that would like to appeal a FIP.

Process. The appeals process is as follows:

  • Appeal filed. A FIP implementer or participant must file an appeal within 30 calendar days of a FIP reviewer’s decision (according to the appeals grounds noted above). External stakeholders may file an appeal at any point. An appellant must complete the appeals template and submit it to FisheryProgress ( If the appellant is an outside stakeholder, the FIP will be informed of the appellant and the basis for the appeal unless there is a valid reason to keep that information confidential from the FIP.
  • Initial review. A member of the FisheryProgress Technical Oversight Committee will review the appeal to confirm if it fits within scope and meets the requirements within three business days. If needed, a member of the Technical Oversight Committee may schedule a call to discuss the appeal or clarify questions with the appellant (and the FIP implementer or participant, if the appellant is an external stakeholder), and a call with the FisheryProgress review team to gather additional information and answer any outstanding questions. A majority of the TOC reviews the appeal and makes a recommendation to the Advisory Committee within 60 calendar days.
  • Final decision. The Advisory Committee reviews the Technical Oversight Committee’s recommendation. If the Advisory Committee disagrees with the Technical Oversight Committee’s recommendation, a joint call will be held between the Advisory Committee and the Technical Oversight Committee to discuss the disagreement. At the end of the call, the Advisory Committee makes the final decision about how to proceed by majority rules. A final decision must be reached within 30 calendar days of the Technical Oversight Committee submitting its recommendation to the Advisory Committee.
  • Decision communicated. Within one week of the decision, a member of the Technical Oversight Committee or Advisory Committee communicates the final decision back to the appellant (as well as the FIP implementer or participant, if appeal was filed by an external stakeholder). The communication will not be public, though the FIP may do its own communication about its status. FisheryProgress will maintain records of all appeals.

You can read more about FisheryProgress’ conflict resolution and appeals process in the FIP Review Guidelines.