Comment on a FIP

Comment on a FIP

FisheryProgress users may share feedback about FIPs listed on the site via the stakeholder comment feature. To provide a comment about a specific FIP, visit the FIP’s profile overview tab. The comment box is located at the bottom of the page. There, users may submit a comment about that FIP around the following topics only:

  •  Concerns about a FIP’s data, evidence, or progress rating
  •  Allegations of forced labor, child labor, or human trafficking in a FIP, as outlined in the site’s interim policy

Providing evidence to support the concern or allegation is optional but highly encouraged. FisheryProgress will respond to all stakeholder comments within 30 days.

Note that submitting a comment on a FIP profile is a necessary first step for any external stakeholders that would like to appeal a FIP. You can read more about FisheryProgress’ appeals process here.

If your comment is not related to a specific FIP, you may submit it through FisheryProgress’ general comment feature.