Find a FIP Profile

The following is guidance for website users looking to find a FIP profile or contact a FIP listed on For detailed information on the protocols uses to review and display FIP information, see our FIP Review Guidelines. For definitions of terms used throughout the site, please read our glossary.


Searching for a FIP

To search for a FIP, you must either create an account or log into an existing account. Once logged in, click FIP Directory then search using any of the criteria listed.

You can search all FIPs on by criteria such as species, location, or FIP name. You can also search for FIPs using the map. FIPs can be filtered by their status and type in the directory as well:

FIP Status
Active FIPs
Active FIPs are currently implementing their workplans and reporting progress to FisheryProgress as per our reporting guidelines. These can be either basic or comprehensive
Prospective FIPs
Prospective FIPs intend to meet the requirements for basic or comprehensive FIPs and are currently in stage 0 or 1.
Completed FIPs
Completed FIPs have graduated to certification or otherwise achieved all of their objectives.
Inactive FIPs
Inactive FIPs are those that suspended work before achieving their objectives, due to: the FIP making changes such that it now reports under another FIP profile (e.g., the FIP merges with another FIP) – in these cases, the inactive profile will note the FIP’s active profile; the FIP reporting it is suspending work (e.g., lack of funding or engagement to continue, entered full assessment but was not certified); or the reviewer designating it as inactive due to one year of failure to report or three years of insufficient progress.
FIP Types
Basic FIPs
Basic FIPs are a good entry point for fisheries to begin addressing specific environmental challenges to improve their performance against the Marine Stewardship Council Fisheries Standard. Basic FIPs complete a needs assessment to understand the challenges in the fishery.
Comprehensive FIPs
Comprehensive FIPs aim to address all of the fishery’s environmental challenges necessary to achieve a level of performance consistent with an unconditional pass of the Marine Stewardship Council Fisheries Standard. Comprehensive FIPs engage a party experienced with applying the MSC standard to complete an MSC pre-assessment to understand the challenges in the fishery and must have independent, in-person audits of progress against the MSC standard every three years.

Understanding a FIP profile

A FIP’s overview page includes general information about the FIP, including a brief description, details about what the FIP focuses on, and contact information for the lead organization. The FIP at a Glance graphic gives a snapshot of progress.

In addition, the profile provides information about the FIP’s progress on making measurable improvements against the indicators. Users can click on specific indicators to display details on the FIP’s actions and progress achieved.

Users can find additional details about the FIP on the subpages, accessible by the tabs along the top of the profile.


Contacting a FIP

If you’d like to contact a FIP, you can reach out directly to the point of contact for the FIP’s lead organization. You can find the contact’s name and email address on the FIP’s overview page.