Trainings & Webinars

Want to get an introduction to FisheryProgress? Watch our site orientation video.

This orientation video will introduce you to FIPs and to FisheryProgress. You will learn more about the history of FIPs, how they are changing the global seafood industry, and how the website serves as the world's most comprehensive FIP progress tracking platform.


Ready to enter FIP data? Sign up for a training webinar.

Before entering your FIP data into FisheryProgress, please attend a webinar that will orient you to the data requirements of the site and the process for uploading your information. We offer trainings in both English and Spanish.  

Click below to RSVP for a currently scheduled webinars, or if none of our scheduled times work for you, you can use this form to let us know that too.

Training schedule and sign-up

Want to learn more? We have created a series of videos and recorded webinars on critical topics to FIP implementers and companies.


How to do a FIP Progress Update (4:26 minutes). An introduction to Progress Updates for Fishery Improvement Projects. We’ll cover what is required for both 6-month and annual progress updates, and how to make these updates to a FIP on FisheryProgress.


Learn about FIP Progress Ratings (5:38 minutes). An introduction to Progress Ratings for Fishery Improvement Projects. We cover what they are, how they are calculated, and where you can find them on FisheryProgress.


What makes a good FIP Workplan? (1:10:49 minutes). Getting a workplan right is a critical part of a good FIP. This recorded webinar gives guidance and tips for creating a well-designed workplan.


How and why to use FIP Templates (49:06 minutes). A team of organizations worked together to create common templates for FIP implementers to use, including scoping document, workplan and budget templates. Find out how and why to use them in this recorded webinar.


What is the FIP Community of Practice? (30:43 minutes). Listen to Jesse Marsh of Scaling Blue talk about the purpose and value of the FIP communities of practice that she runs – and how to join one.