Social Policy

During the past year, FisheryProgress has started to explore how to address social responsibility. In August 2019, we released our Interim Policy on Forced Labor, Child Labor, or Human Trafficking for FisheryProgress FIPs.

Since then, we’ve been working to develop a permanent social responsibility policy. To do so, FisheryProgress has facilitated a multi-stakeholder dialogue, which included consultation with our newly convened Social Advisory Committee, conversations with international human rights experts and worker representatives, a survey of FisheryProgress users, and feedback sessions with FIP leads and business users of FisheryProgress.

From May 19 through June 30, FisheryProgress undertook an extensive feedback period on our draft permanent social policy and received feedback from nearly 250 stakeholders, including from more than 75% of FIPs currently active on FisheryProgress. The feedback spanned a wide range of opinions about the draft policy and its specific elements. Overall, many businesses and other users who rely on FisheryProgress data were supportive of the policy and welcomed the opportunity for FIPs to address human rights and labor issues more consistently. Many FIPs told us that while they appreciated the importance of protecting human rights, they had significant concerns about the time and costs required to implement the policy.

Based on this feedback, FisheryProgress revised the draft social policy and undertook a second feedback period on the most significant revisions we considered from Oct. 12 through Nov. 13. Now, FisheryProgress is working to finalize the policy and develop detailed implementation guidance. This process will continue through this winter, and we aim to share the final policy in May 2021.

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