Guidance for Buyers

Resources for seafood buyers as they consider sourcing from and engaging in fishery improvement projects.

A Seafood Buyer's Guide to FisheryProgress

This guide [Spanish version] helps seafood buyers understand how to interpet the information on FisheryProgress to make sourcing decisions related to FIPs based on their priorities. A visual version of the guide is available here [Spanish version].

Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs  (Sustainable Fisheries Partnership)

An introduction to setting up and running a fishery improvement project. [Spanish version]

FishChoice Seafood Buying Guides

FishChoice has nearly 80 seafood buying guides for finfish and shellfish. These guides include updates on price trends and availability, conservation notes about the species and associated fisheries, sustainability ratings and certifications summaries with explanations, buying tips, and nutrition info. The following guides correspond with species in fisheries being addressed by FIPs on FisheryProgress: