Early Adopter Program

As a platform for fishery improvement, FisheryProgress’ goal is for FIPs to succeed at improving environmental and social performance in their fisheries. We recognize that for many FIPs, social responsibility will be new. For this reason, for the first year after the policy launches, we are providing intensive coaching and, where possible, financial support to FIPs that choose to implement the policy ahead of the required deadlines. We will use this first year as a pilot period to assess both the effectiveness and practicality of the policy. With the learnings we collect through the pilot year, we anticipate making a round of minor revisions to the policy, review guidelines, and related resources.

FisheryProgress is actively seeking FIPs to sign up as early adopters of our Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy. Contact us at contact@fisheryprogress.org to learn more.


Program Overview

Program Benefits

Benefits of the program include:

  • Intensive support and coaching as you implement the different components of the policy
  • Peer learning - connect with other early adopter FIPs on lessons learned and best practices
  • Influence on the development and refinement of the policy, review guidelines, and other resources that will support FIPs
  • Opportunities to showcase your leadership in human rights and social responsibility, reaching a wide audience of industry stakeholders through FishChoice’s various communication channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, newsletters).

Program Requirements

FIPs who would like to participate as early adopters are asked to fulfill the relevant requirements of the FisheryProgress Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy in advance of the deadlines detailed in the policy. We are looking for FIPs that will be required to complete a risk assessment and for FIPs that would like to complete one voluntarily. While there is some flexibility, early adopters should aim to complete policy requirements according to the following timelines by May 2022.

Ideal Candidates

FisheryProgress is looking for a variety of FIPs to sign on as early adopters. We are aiming to have early adopters from all major FIP regions, large scale to small scale, and industrial to artisanal. We are seeking FIPs working with a social standard or certification and those working outside of a standard or certification setting. Ideal candidates are committed to improving their social responsibility and have active engagement and support from supply chain partners.

Current Early Adopters

Early adopters are at different stages of implementation of the policy, depending on when they signed up and whether or not their FIP already included a social focus. Click here to see a complete list of early adopters and what they are working on.