INACTIVE Indonesia Southeast Sulawesi yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna - purse seine

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Reason for Inactivity
  • Missed deadline for three year audit report


Indonesia's Purse Seine tuna fishery is one of the country's most economically important fisheries. In order to address supply chain demand for sustainably sourced tuna, PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara have decided to engage in a comprehensive Fisheries Improvement Program. This FIP encompassess two species, yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis), caught by purse seine vessels. The unit of assessment are vessels operating from the Southeast Sulawesi harbour of Kendari, and fishing in the FMAs 713, 714 and 715. There are about 90 active vessels in the fishery, and all are using anchored FADs.

As a multi stakeholder effort, this FIP is managed by Pahala Bahari Nusantara together with WWF Indonesia Seafood Savers, WWF Italy, and Tri Marine, with support from national and provincial governments, academia, Kendari vessel owners and captains, and other related stakeholders.

FIP Description 

Indonesia's Purse Seine tuna fishery is one of the country's most economically important fisheries.

FIP Objective(s) 
  • Promote transparent information on stock status, catch composition, and traceability by 2020
  • Improve data accuracy and reliability on target species, bycatch, and ETP species by 2022
  • Ensure full compliance with regional/national fishery regulations by 2022
  • Enhance management of the fishery to effectively meet MSC principles for sustainable fishing by 2023
FIP Type 
FIP Stage 
Stage 4: Improvements in Fishing Practices or Fishery Management
Common Name 
Yellowfin Tuna
Scientific Name
Thunnus albacares
Common Name 
Skipjack Tuna
Scientific Name
Katsuwonus pelamis
Gear Type 
Purse Seine
Exclusive Economic Zones
Geographic Scope 
Indonesia Fisheries Management Area 713, 714 and 715

FIP Leads

Organization Name 
FIP Coordinator
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Sven Blankenhorn
Organization Name 
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Alessandro Buzzi
+ 39 06 844 97 443
Organization Name 
PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Fransiska Sonya Puspita
+62 813 6701 4973
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