INACTIVE Vietnam blue swimming crab - bottom gillnet/pot/trap

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Reason for Inactivity
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  • Lack of ability to implement and enforce meaningful regulation
  • Overview

    Note: This FIP went inactive on January 27, 2020.

    The Kien Giang blue swimming crab fishery supports the livelihoods of an estimated 20,000 fishers and their families. The blue swimming crab is also an important export product for Vietnam. Yet there are critical issues facing this fishery, including the harvest of undersized crab and gravid females, a lack of sound knowledge of the health of the stock, and lack of enforcement capacity. Through the active involvement of FIP stakeholders, such as the Department of Agriculture and Resource Development (DARD), Research Institute Fisheries Management and Provincial Peoples Committee, and FIP participants, the sustainability challenges facing this fishery are being addressed.

    FIP Description 

    Note: This FIP went inactive on January 27, 2020.

    FIP Objective(s) 

    The FIP hopes to achieve MSC certification by December 2025

    FIP Type 
    FIP Stage 
    Stage 5: Improvements on the Water
    Start and Projected End Dates
    September 2010
    December 2025
    The project has renewed by changing the project co-ordinator, FIP Lead and management mechanism. Activities are revised & updated by end of 2019 base on Pre-Assessment on 2019 by a qualified consultant.
    Common Name 
    Blue Swimming Crab
    Scientific Name
    Portunus pelagicus
    Gear Type 
    Bottom Gillnet
    FAO Major Fishing Area
    Area 71 (Pacific, Western Central)
    Exclusive Economic Zones
    Viet Nam
    Geographic Scope 
    Kien Giang Province
    Estimated Total FIP Landings 
    3,632 metric tons
    Estimated Total Fishery Landings 
    3,632 metric tons
    Landings Date 
    December 2017

    FIP Leads

    Organization Name 
    Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters & Producers (VASEP)
    Organization Type 
    Primary Contact 
    Ms Tran Thuy Que Phuong - VCC Secretary
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