Buyer's Guide to FIP Profiles

A Seafood Buyer's Guide to FisheryProgress

The following is guidance for seafood buyers to understand how to interpret the information on FisheryProgress to make sourcing decisions related to FIPs based on their priorities.

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To learn more about the definitions of key terms used on FisheryProgress, please refer to the Glossary.

Searching for a FIP

To search for a FIP, you must either create an account or log into an existing account. Once logged in, click FIP Directory then search using any of the criteria listed. You can search all FIPs on by criteria such as species, location, or FIP name. You can also search for FIPs using the map on the directory page. FIPs can be filtered by their status and type in the directory as well.

What is the status of the FIP? 

What is the difference between a basic and comprehensive FIP?


Understanding a FIP profile

Each FIP's landing page is called the "Overview". On this page you can find general information about the FIP, including a brief description, details on the scope of the FIP, a high-level summary of the FIP's  environmental and social progress, and contact information for the lead organization. Clicking on any of the additional tabs below the FIP's name takes you to more detailed information about a particular aspect within the FIP.


Is the FIP making progress?

How a fishery’s scores change over time is an indicator of how the fishery is improving. A summary of how the fishery’s environmental scores have changed since the start of the FIP is available in the “FIP at a Glance” section on the Overview page. You can access more detailed information on the FIP's environmental progress on the Improvement Progress tab. Detailed information on a FIP's social progress can be found on the Social Performance tab.

Reviewing the progress the FIP is making against its workplan(s) is another indicator of the FIP’s progress. A FIP reports all progress against their environmental workplan on the Actions Progress page. This includes the results of FIP actions (a major activity from the FIP’s environmental workplan that must be completed to address the deficiencies identified in the needs assessment) and tasks (tasks break actions down into specific steps that describe how the action will be accomplished). FIP actions are listed as Completed, On Track, or Behind Schedule. Narrative updates are available by clicking on the Action Name.

A FIP reports all progress against their social workplan, should they have one, on the Social Performance tab.


How quickly is the FIP making progress?

The FIP progress rating reflects the rate of environmental progress in the FIP against specific time benchmarks. See the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) FIP Evaluation Tool for more information about how the progress ratings are derived on SFP's website.

What can buyers do to help ensure that FIPs are making progress and achieving their objectives?

Some FIPs may have a lower rating due to factors outside of their control, so buyers should consider the reasons behind the progress rating when making any decisions about continuing to source or not.


Find an Engagement Opportunity

FIPs have the option to list specific engagement opportunities that would help them make progress toward their objectives – such as joining the FIP as a participant, supporting the FIP financially, providing a letter of support, or anything else that can help the FIP overcome barriers to progress.

If a FIP has identified engagement opportunities, users can find more information under the “Details” page. Interested parties can contact the FIP lead to discuss specific engagement opportunities.


Follow a FIP

FisheryProgress users can easily track FIPs of interest using the site’s Follow This FIP feature. Information and updates on the FIPs a user follows are available through the user’s personal FIP dashboard and automated monthly email updates. The monthly digest email highlights four key aspects of each FIP’s profile and any changes that have occurred on a month-to-month basis for the following:

  • Progress rating
  • Listing status
  • FIP type
  • Compliance with FisheryProgress’ six-month and annual reporting requirements

You can easily unfollow FIPs in your dashboard. If you do not wish to receive monthly emails, click “Remove” on FIPs listings on your dashboard. Your personal dashboard can be accessed through the My Account button.

 Download the Follow This FIP Primer: English

 Download the Social Status Primer: English


Contacting a FIP

If you’d like to contact a FIP, you can reach out directly to the point of contact for the FIP’s lead organization. You can find the contact’s name and email address on the FIP’s overview page.

Want to get a deeper introduction to FisheryProgress? Watch our site orientation video.

This orientation video will introduce you to FIPs and to FisheryProgress. You will learn more about the history of FIPs, how they are changing the global seafood industry, and how the website serves as the world's most comprehensive FIP progress tracking platform.