Resources for FIPs

FisheryProgress is a one-stop shop for reporting on fishery improvement projects to a global audience.

FisheryProgress makes tracking progress for your FIPs more efficient, consistent, and reliable for businesses that support fishery improvement projects (FIPs). The following resources will be useful to review if you are planning to list a FIP on FisheryProgress. They can also provide additional guidance if you are already reporting progress for your FIP on the site.

  • FIP Review Guidelines — information on eligibility for the site, the protocols for creating a profile and reporting progress, and the site's quality control and appeals process 
  • Create a FIP Profile — information about creating a prospective, basic, or comprehensive FIP profile
  • FIP Templates — templates and resources that provide guidance on developing and launching a FIP
  • Resources for Social Responsibility — a collection of resources to support FIPs in taking steps to address human and labor rights risks and other social responsibility challenges
  • Find a Qualified Consultant  — details on qualifications for individuals and teams assessing FIP social and environmental performance and creating workplans
  • Update a FIP Profile — a review of reporting requirements for a FIP profile and how to complete progress reports
  • Three-Year Evaluations for Comprehensive FIPs - guidelines and template for completing a three-year evaluation for your comprehensive FIP
  • Permission & Confidentiality - details about the confidentiality of documents and information uploaded into FIP profiles
  • General Resources — resources that cover the lifespan of a FIP
  • Glossary — definitions of key terms used on this site
  • Guidance for Scope Changes in FIPs - Guidance document outlining the types of scope changes a FIP may have, as well as the steps required to make these changes

We also encourage you to review Our Approach to Social Responsibility, where we provide information on FIP requirements pertaining to social responsibility.

If you have additional questions about using the site that are not answered in this section, please visit the Contact page to send us a message.