Advisory Committee

The advisory committee supports the day-to-day operations of FisheryProgress, including guiding the outreach strategy for the site, managing the appeals process, maintaining the standard for the website, and responding to emerging opportunities and challenges. The advisory committee includes conservation and business representatives with expertise in developing and evaluating fishery improvement projects. Current members include:

Cecilia Blasco, Executive Director, SmartFish Rescate de Valor

Stephanie Bradley, Manager of Fishery Improvement Projects, World Wildlife Fund - US

Cassie Leisk, Head of Sustainability, New England Seafood

Indrani Lutchman, Program Director of FIP Evaluations, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Shunji Murakami, COO and Vice President, Seafood Legacy

Yemi Oloruntuyi, Head of Global Accessibility, Marine Stewardship Council

Tom Pickerell, Founder, Tomolamola Consulting

Adriana Sanchez, Seafood Director, Iberostar

David Wier, Seafood Buyer/Merchandiser, Meijer