Comment on a FIP

Comment on a FIP

FisheryProgress users may share feedback a FIP’s data, evidence, or progress rating via the stakeholder comment feature. If your comment is not related to a specific FIP, you may submit it through FisheryProgress’ general comment feature.

Providing a Stakeholder Comment

To provide a comment about a specific FIP, visit the FIP’s profile overview tab. The comment box is located at the bottom of the page. Providing evidence to support the concern is optional but highly encouraged.

Process and Timeline for Handling Stakeholder Comments

FisheryProgress will investigate all concerns received via comments on the site. It will prioritize those issues that can be reviewed via a desktop review (i.e., those that have documentation or evidence that can be reviewed, rather than concerns that would require an in-person audit). If needed, FisheryProgress will follow up with the commenter to get more information. The burden of proof will be on the commenter to provide evidence to support their concern.

If FisheryProgress identifies a needed change, FIP implementers will be asked to address any issues during their next six-month or annual progress report.

Each commenter will receive a response within 30 days, either asking (if needed) for additional evidence or clarification or noting how FisheryProgress resolved the comment. The commenter can initiate the appeals process if they feel the concern has not been adequately addressed.