Buyer’s Guide to Encourage FIP Impact

FisheryProgress developed the Guide for Seafood Buyers to Encourage FIP Impact to illustrate how to use buying power to reward and encourage FIP progress.

It includes information on creating a clear public commitment to source from FIPs that report on FisheryProgress and demonstrate their progress toward environmental and social responsibility, and tips on how to communicate expectations to suppliers and engage directly with FIPs to encourage their progress. Download the full guide here.

Receive a monthly email digest summarizing changes in the FIPs you follow.

FisheryProgress’ Follow This FIP tool allows you to easily track progress of the FIPs you source from or are considering sourcing from with automated monthly email updates.

Each month, review the Follow This FIP summary email and note any improvements or regressions in the FIP’s overarching progress. We encourage buyers to reach out to the FIP lead to either congratulate the FIP on improvements or identify any role your business could play in addressing company needs, such as seeing the FIP shift from basic to comprehensive. The Follow This FIP email makes this easy by providing links to reach out directly to the FIP leads and pre-populated email templates.

To follow a FIP, click on the “Follow this FIP” button on the FIP’s Overview Tab.