FIP Templates

Templates and resources that provide guidance on developing and launching a FIP.


Pre-Assessment / Needs Assessment

During the FIP development stage, the fishery's performance is evaluated and stakeholders are recruited to participate in the project. A completed FishSource profile or a Seafood Watch report can also be used as a needs assessment for basic FIPs.

Marine Stewardship Council Pre-Assessment: Reporting Template v3.1

Environmental Rapid Assessment Tool: The Environmental Rapid Assessment tool can be used as a Needs Assessment for Basic FIPs on FisheryProgress. Click the following for the Template and Methodology.

Scoping Document

A scoping document summarizes the results of the needs assessment and recommends strategies for addressing the fishery's challenges.

FIP Scoping Document Template


A fishery improvement project must develop and implement a workplan, designed to address the deficiencies in the fishery necessary to achieve the project's objectives.

FIP Workplan Template


At minimum, a FIP budget must include a list of main expenses and revenue sources for the FIP. NOTE: the budget does not need to made publicly available on FisheryProgress.

FIP Budget Template