Social Responsibility

FisheryProgress launched its first-ever Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy on May 12, 2021. The objective of the policy is to help FIPs reduce the risk of human and labor rights abuses and to provide a common framework for reporting on social performance in fisheries. All FIPs reporting on are required to comply with the policy according to the phased implementation timeline outlined in the policy. You can learn more about the policy and supporting resources by reviewing the below links.

  • Our Approach - information on our approach to social responsibility, including the Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy
  • Social Responsibility Assessment Tool (SRA) - an overview of the SRA, the tool used as the framework for FIPs to report on social performance on
  • Early Adopter Program - information for FIPs that are interested in implementing the new policy requirements in advance of deadlines, as well as a list of all current early adopters
  • Resources for Social Responsibility - a selection of FisheryProgress and external resources that FIPs can leverage in support of their social responsibility efforts

Want to see a list of FIPs that have completed one or more of the new human rights and social responsibility reporting requirements? Click here