Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions connects leading conservation groups that work with businesses representing more than 80 percent of the North American grocery and food-service markets. Conservation Alliance members and collaborators work collectively to tackle challenges that are too big for any one organization or business to solve alone. The community provides a platform for its members to share expertise and develop tools that help businesses advance their sustainable seafood commitments. grew out of the Conservation Alliance’s work to revise its Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects in 2015. One of the biggest challenges raised while working on the guidelines was that there was no way to know if existing FIPs meet the guidelines and, more importantly, if they were making progress. Determined to find a solution for this problem, the Alliance revised its guidelines to include the creation of an online tool – – to make information about global FIPs and their progress easier to access, track, and compare.

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