Privacy Policy

FishChoice Privacy Policy and Data Protection, May 2018


FishChoice and its affiliated web properties are designed, developed and managed to maximize sustainability in the seafood industry and to promote ocean conservation through improved fisheries management. We are a not-for-profit entity and therefore do not generate revenue from personal information submitted to our site. We have no advertising and any personalized content is defined by the registered user receiving it. Nonetheless we believe strongly in your right to privacy and data protection. Below are the principles and practices we support. 

FishChoice and its affiliated websites are owned entirely by FishChoice, Inc., PO Box 531, Fort Collins, CO 80522


1. Personal Information We Collect and Its Source

FishChoice and its websites and tools, including but not limited to, MyFishChoice, and other websites/tools to be developed in the future, collect only personal information provided during the registration process including:

~ name

~ email address

~ organization name

~ organization type

~ and, optionally, contact information if you choose to be included in the FishChoice Business Member’s Directory


2. Business Information We Collect and Its Source and both offer opportunities for suppliers, buyers and those engaged in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to voluntarily contribute information to our site with the express purpose of sharing that information publicly. This may include, but is not limited to:

~ Seafood products

~ Seafood sources

~ Business location

~ Business contact information

~ Notes for distribution and minimum volume sizes

~ FIP contact information for leadership and participants

~ FIP progress data and documentation

~ Other FIP-related data that is meant for public access 


3. How We Use Your Information - Website Usage and Tracking

By default, our systems track only the following information usage about individual users:

~ Date of registration/duration of membership

~ Last time you have logged in

~ Number of times you have logged in

We use this information only for internal research to understand which types of users are most active so we can a) continue to develop tools/website that meet their needs and b) find areas for improvement to reach important but less active audiences. It is never sold, licensed, traded or shared outside of our organization.

We do not track page usage per individual user - in other words, we cannot see what pages you go to or interact with. 

In an effort to continually improve our offerings, we use Google Analytics to track website and web page activity in aggregate. We cannot see which of our users interacted with specific pages, but we can see standard metrics like the total number of visits to a specific page or the average amount of time users interact with a page. 


4. Editing Your Personal Information 

You can review and edit your personal information at any time by logging into the website(s) for which you are registered (i.e., clicking My Account in the top right corner of the page and then choosing the appropriate tab. 

For Suppliers and Buyers who choose to list their products, sources, business location, contact information, distribution notes, etc., you can edit this information by contacting your FishChoice program manager or, in the near future, accessing your information via your dashboard (expected launch in late 2018 or early 2019). 


5. Deleting Your Personal Information 

Any registered general user you may request FishChoice to delete your account at any time by emailing and/or depending on which you would like to be removed from. We will remove you entirely from our system within 15 days. Once removed, there will be no way to reactivate you so if you choose to sign up again, you will start fresh. 


6. Giving Consent

Registered Users - As of this updated policy, all existing recipients of our newsletters will be reminded of the process for unsubscribing and may do so at any time. Any new registrants will be asked to opt in to receiving our monthly newsletters. Suppliers and Buyers - a core part of our service is working with you to give you updates on ratings changes, new products/sources, etc. These are not considered mass communication but rather an individualized service we provide. If you would like us to not contact you at all, please email and we will stop providing this service. The stated purpose of this site is to communicate your FIP-related information publicly. As such, by creating a public FIP profile you agree to have this information displayed publicly (unless otherwise noted) and to be contacted by our FIP Reviewers who are required to ensure data is as accurate as possible. While opting out of these elements would defeat the purpose of the site, you are free to request your FIP Profile be unpublished or removed entirely and that request will be reviewed by our staff. Email


7. Sharing Your Data with Other Organizations 

FishChoice does not share any non-public data with other organizations, though we may share information internally between our websites to provide you with the best service possible. We do not sell, license or trade your private information with any other  companies, individuals or organizations. 


8. Retaining Your Personal Information  

FishChoice retains your personal information based on your active membership. As long as you remain registered in our system, we will keep your most current personal information on file as noted in sections 1 and 2. Because we do not track personal site usage information as noted in section 3, there is ‘timing out’ of data. 

If you choose to delete your account entirely, however, your personal information is deleted completely and forever once we take that action as requested by you. 


9. Future Practices and Protections

Because we never know what the future may hold, we will continue to update this policy as necessary to comply with new regulations and/or to address new websites and tools we may develop. For any significant policy updates, we will attempt to notify users of changes via this page, homepage notifications and through newsletters if you have opted in. 

In the event of a data breach, we will notify users within 72 hours of discovering the breach.