Three-Year Evaluations for Comprehensive FIPs

Three-Year Independent Evaluation for Comprehensive FIPs

Every three years, comprehensive FIPs are required to have an independent evaluation of action results and performance against the MSC Standard .

The evaluation must be completed by someone who is both experienced with the MSC standard (e.g., a registered MSC technical consultant or accredited conformity assessment body or those with other demonstrated qualifications) and independent from the organization implementing the FIP (i.e., not a FIP participant or FIP lead, and has not been an employee of either within the past three years).

The Three-Year Evaluation Guidelines were developed to help guide implementers through the evaluation process. These guidelines provide more information about the required content, answers to frequently asked questions, and cost-saving tips. Please review the guidelines to learn more.

The Three-Year Evaluation Template must be completed in English in order to fulfill the evaluation requirement.