Action Implement control document to improve compliance and traceability

Action Goal 
Improved compliance and catch documentations to support traceability

Control Document to Improve Compliance and Traceability: 

A control document is a contract between vendors and suppliers that creates commercial penalties for infringing fisheries regulations, in addition to any government fines or penalties. This increases the size of the deterrent to dissuade fishers from fishing illegally, and traders/supply chain from dealing with companies that handle illegal product. The control document threatens suppliers with loss of business if they refuse or fail a compliance audit for any of their customers.

June 2018 Update:

Finally on 21st of June 2018, the NFI Crab Council finally announced the full implementation of Control Document. NFI CC has sent out the letter to APRI stating that: "The NFI Crab Council member companies have agreed to implement the Control Document system beginning on July 1, 2018. Member companies have been advised that a letter of warrant should be executed with all of their Indonesian suppliers of blue swimming crab by that date. We have also asked our member companies to provide the Crab Council with copies of the signed letters of warrant. Our companies are aware that their Indonesian suppliers must also execute letters of warrant with their suppliers at levels of the supply chain." - Letter uploaded here.

The Director General Decree on the Establishment of Steering Committee for Traceability and Catch Documentation to support implementation of Control Document has been established (signed) in early June 2018. The members of SC include: DG of PDSPK (DG Fishery Product Competitiveness), BKIPM (Fish Quarantine and Inspection Agency): DG of Capture Fisheries (Fishing Port Authority), SFP, NFI CC and APRI. This Steering Committee will receive the audit results and will guide the supply chain to implement corrective actions, and depending on the nature of failure, the sanction to be applied. - The DG of Fishery Product Competitiveness Decree is uploaded here.

January 2019 Update:

APRI continues to encourage the implementation of control documents in Indonesia to ensure the implementation of sustainable crab fisheries as well as an effort to monitor crab conditions in Indonesia. Increased understanding of the importance of control documents continues to be improved by APRI and has been carried out in various regions in Indonesia through the Focus Group Disscussion (FGD) program Mapping Miniplant of Blue Swimming Crab in collaboration with Bappenas, regional BKIPM and UNDP. This program is carried out by presenting all Indonesian blue swimming crab stakeholders from the government, industry, miniplant, fishermen and NGOs. FGD Mapping the miniplant of Blue Swimming crab in 2018 was conducted in Bangka Belitung, Ternate and Southeast Sulawesi.

In this program, was presented the latest crab fisheries conditions, miniplant certification procedures, especially CPIB, regulations that apply to blue swimming crab fisheries and training on procedures for filling out document control forms in accordance with the provisions, starting from fishermen to industry so that products can be traced. On each occasion also explained the procedure for filling out document controls digitally using APRI apps. Through this activity, it is expected to increase the awareness of the blue swimming crab fisheries stakeholders regarding the urgency of the control document and the procedures for its implementation.

September 2019 Update:

The baseline audit for Control Document was conducted from January to February 2019 on 35 miniplants supplying 14 APRI members. Results showed a high a high degree of overall compliance (98%), low levels of non-compliance for the minimum landing size regulation (5.7%), and low level catch of egg-berried females (8.5%). Audits will continue for the miniplants located in six provinces during the grant duration (approximately 300 miniplants).  See the Summery Audit Report attached. 

March 2020 Update:

in March 2020 miniplant which has been audited for Control Document as much 445 in six provinces and in Februari 26, 2020 APRI has meeting with Derectorate General of Marine Affairs and Fishery Products Competition Reinforcement for talk about conrol documnet report, scoring minipant, and sertificat for miniplant. (minutes from meeting attaced)

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Action Dates
April, 2015
December, 2020
Relevant Indicators
Tasks Expected Completion Date Status Results
Miniplant mapping 07/2020
Control document implementation to improve compliance and traceability, and etc. 12/2017
Trial Control Document 02/2017 Completed View
The control document trial have been conducted at three location: Kendari, Madura and Lampung. The control document has been independent audited by third party to assess the implementation.
Supporting Documents
Document Description 
1. Letter from NFI Crab Council to APRI on the implementation of Control Document (21 June 2018) NFI Crab Council sent letter letter to APIR members on the full implementation of Control Document beginning July 1, 2018. 2. Directorate General of Product Competitiveness Decree on the Establishment of Steering Committee for the Catch Documentation and Traceability (June 2018) 3. summary from meeting with Derectorate General of Marine Affairs and Fishery Products Competition Reinforcement talk about Control Dokumen report
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