Action Harvest Strategies and Control Rules for Archipelagic Waters

Action Goal 
Develop Harvest Strategies and Control Rules for Indonesian Archipelagic Waters (AW)

WCPFC require that conservation and management measures adopted for areas under national jurisdiction shall be compatible in order to ensure conservation and management of highly migratory fish stocks in their entirety for the stock that covers the entire region not just for the member country EEZ waters.

SG 60 will be met as there are international agreements in place (via WCPFC) which provide a framework for cooperation to deliver sustainable management. Indonesia is a CMM and cooperates with the RFMO to produce scientific advice. However, SG 80 will not be met as this requires organized and effective cooperation with other parties to deliver management outcomes consistent with Principles 1 and 2.  For Indonesia AWs this is particularly important as there are no well-defined Harvest Strategy or HCR yet in place for SKJ nor YFT.

This Action does address P3 for localized management measures, which are also to be compliant and comensurate with RFMO measures. This action also addresses 2.5.3, because if there is no Archipelagic Waters Harvest Strategy we could have a localized destruction, but wouldn't necessarily have impact on the overall stock.

March 2019 Update: IPNLF, AP2HI and MDPI participated at the last Indonesian Archipelagic Waters (IAW) Harvest Strategy (HS) meeting in Bogor, hosted by MMAF, where the HS framework was presented, and a review was conducted of the fishery data going into the framework. IPNLF noted the need to collect more information from fisheries or fishing events that are unassociated with FADs to comprehensively calculate CPUE. IPNLF and others have also highlighted the need to include socio-economic indicators into the HS framework to assess these types impacts to fishing communities under HS scenarios when making decisions. Also AP2HI will submit industry production data as well as onboard observer data to support the development of the IAW HS. 

September 2019 Update

A preparation meeting for the next IAW Harvest Strategy workshop was convened Aug 2019. The plan is to hold the strategy wokshop in Oct 2019 with CSIRO. The 15th Regular Session of the Technical and Compliance Committee is currently being held in Pohnepei, meeting documents can be found at:

IPNLF (International Pole & Line Foundation)
Jeremy Crawford
AP2HI (Asosiasi Perikanan Pole & Line dan Handline Indonesia)
Abdul Muis Sulaiman
Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
MDPI (Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia)
Deirdre Duggan
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July, 2018
July, 2023
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