COMPLETED Morocco sardine - pelagic trawl and seine / Maroc sardine - chalut pélagique et senne

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What is a Completed FIP?
Completed FIPs are those that have independent verification that they have achieved their environmental objectives and/or graduated to MSC full assessment or other program assessment. Completed FIPs no longer report on their environmental performance but may choose to voluntarily report on their social performance.

Date of Completion: Aug 2021
Explanation of Completion: The Ministry of Morocco is proceeding with MSC assessment.
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A pre-assessment of this fishery was carried out in 2010 and updated in 2014; FIP implementation started in 2015. The FIP is concentrating on the following improvements: i) ensure that precautionary harvest control rules are in place for individual stocks rather than for several small pelagic stocks together; and ii) improve data collection and analysis on discards and ETP species interactions through a scientific observer programme. Recently, a re-analysis raised concerns about whether MSC's requirements for key low trophic level (LTL) species might apply to this fishery, and in 2017, the FIP began supporting an ecosystem modelling project to address this question.

Un pré évaluation de la pêcherie était fait en 2010, et mise à jour en 2014; mise en œuvre du projet commençait en 2015. Le FIP soutient les améliorations suivantes : i) assurer que les règles de contrôle sont précautionneuse pour chaque stock, au lieu de tous stocks confondus ; et ii) amélioration du système des données pour l’évaluation des rejets et interactions avec les espèces menacées et protégées (programme d’observation scientifique). Récemment, une réévaluation a révélé des incertitudes sur l’application des exigences MSC pour les espèces fourrages ‘clé’ dans cette pêcherie ; le FIP a offert son soutien à un projet de modélisation de l’écosystème, qui a commencé en 2017 pour la clarification de cette question.

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FIP Description 

A pre-assessment of this fishery was carried out in 2010 and updated in 2014; FIP implementation started in 2015.

FIP Objective(s) 
  • To put a management plan in place for the central stock by December 2019 / Mettre en place un plan de gestion pour le stock central (en décembre 2019)
  • To put harvest control rules in place for both stocks by December 2019 / Mettre en place des règles pour la contrôle des captures (en décembre 2019)
  • To put a management plan in place for other small pelagic stocks in both zones by December 2019 / Mettre en place de la gestion pour les autres stocks de petits pélagiques (en décembre 2019)
  • To analyse existing observer data from European pelagic trawlers by December 2019 / Analyse des données existants des chalutiers europeens (en décembre 2019)
  • To collect and analyse data on discards and ETP species interactions by December 2019 / Collection et analyse des données sur les rejets et les interactions avec les espèces menacées (en décembre 2019)
  • If required, to put in place management plans for discard / ETP species by December 2019 / Gestion des rejets / espèces menacées, si besoin (analyse préliminaire suggère que ce n'est pas nécessaire) (en décembre 2019)
  • To improve data availability and transparency by December 2019 / Amelioration de disponibilité et transparence des données (en décembre 2019)
  • To evaluate the key LTL status of sardine by December 2019 / Evaluation de statue 'key LTL' des sardines (en décembre 2019)
  • If required, to implement key LTL requirements by December 2019 / Implementation des éxigences 'key LTL' si besoin (pas encore connu - si besoin avant dec. 2019)
  • To enter MSC full assessment by July 2021 / Début d'évaluation MSC avant Juillet 2021
FIP Type 
FIP Stage 
Stage 5: Improvements on the Water
Start and Projected End Dates
March 2014
December 2021
The FIP is the process of entering full MSC Assessment, the end date has been extended to accommodate this. This process has been delayed due to COVID19.
Next Progress Report Due 
Sunday, January 30, 2022
Common Name 
European Sardine
Scientific Name
Sardina pilchardus
Exclusive Economic Zones
Geographic Scope 
Central and South zones
Estimated Total FIP Landings 
958,350 metric tons
Estimated Total Fishery Landings 
1,359,638 metric tons
Landings Date 
July 2019

FIP at a Glance

7% 93%
March 01, 2014
29% 25% 46%
Progress Rating

A - Advanced Progress
Reserved for comprehensive FIPs that have a Stage 4 or 5 result within the past 12 months.

B - Good Progress
A FIP that has achieved a Stage 4 or 5 in more than 12 months AND Stage 3 activity in the last year; OR a basic FIP that has achieved Stage 4 or 5 achievements within the past 12 months.

C - Some Recent Progress
A FIP that has achieved a Stage 4 or 5 result in more than 12 (but less than 24) months but has not generated a Stage 3 result within the past 12 months OR a FIP younger than a year that has never achieved a Stage 4 or 5 result but has completed a Stage 3 activity.

D - Some Past Progress
A FIP for which the most recent publicly reported Stage 4 or 5 result is more than 24 (but less than 30) months.

E - Negligible Progress
A FIP older than a year that has not reported a Stage 4 or 5 result in more than 30 month (but less than 36) months; OR a FIP younger than 1 year that has not reported a Stage 3 activity.

The ratings are currently derived by SFP from publicly available data on FIP websites, including, and are determined using the following methodology: View PDF
Not yet available
Actions Complete

This pie chart represents completed environmental actions. Non-completed environmental actions may contain completed sub-tasks that are not illustrated here. For more information on environmental action progress visit the Actions Progress tab.

  • Complete
  • Incomplete
Next Update Due FisheryProgress requires a FIP to provide update reports every six months, and two missed reports will render the FIP inactive. If a report is overdue, this date will appear red.
Jan 2022
Target End Date
Dec 2021
Additional Impacts:

FIP Leads

Organization Name 
Jo Gascoigne
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Jo Gascoigne
0044 1348 811748 / 0033 296 255108
Organization Name 
Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche Maritime
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Omar Kharmaz
Organization Name 
Lovering Foods
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Claudia Allen
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