How to Become a Qualified HRSR Consultant

If you would like to be added to the FisheryProgress Database of FIP Consultants as a qualified HRSR Consultant, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Ensure you meet FisheryProgress’ requirements for relevant topical expertise, either individually or collectively as a team:
    • Human rights and social sciences expertise
    • Basic fishery knowledge
    • Competency in Social Responsibility Assessment (SRA) Tool for the Seafood Sector implementation. Contact ELEVATE at for more information on signing up for training. Review the SRA and supporting resources on the RISE platform here.
  2. Complete this form and email to inform them that it is ready for their review. All individuals on a team must complete and submit the form.
Note: Even if you are approved and added to the FisheryProgress Database of FIP Consultants, you will still need to demonstrate that you meet FIP-specific requirements (language skills and free from conflict of interest). FisheryProgress strongly recommends that all FIPs seek pre-approval for the FIP's selected consultant(s) prior to entering into a formal engagement. Obtain pre-approval through your FisheryProgress contact or by contacting FisheryProgress at