General Resources

Resources providing guidance that cover the lifespan of a FIP.


Conservation Alliance Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects
The Conservation Alliance’s updated guidelines for FIPs, including the criteria for basic and comprehensive FIPs, serve as the foundation for FisheryProgress. [Spanish version]

Marine Stewardship Council Fishery Improvement Tools
Information for FIPs improving toward MSC certification, including pre-assessment and action plan tools; tracking tools; and information about finding a consultant and MSC’s capacity-building training program.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership FIP Toolkit

World Wildlife Fund FIP Resources and FIP Handbook: Guidelines for Developing Fishery Improvement Projects [Spanish version] [Bahasa Indonesia version]

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) Fisheries Improvement Resources
ISSF offers many resources to support global tuna FIPs. ISSF also has developed a FIP Resources Finder, an online tool for fisheries that matches more than 200 ISSF reports, guidebooks, and other resources to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Principles and Performance Indicators (PIs).

Fishery Improvement Projects Database (FIP-DB)
The FIP Database, initiated by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and run by the University of Washington, is an online spreadsheet/database tool which provides researchers with the ability to identity trends in FIP data and to evaluate which factors lead to success or failure in FIPs.

Success Story Toolkit and Storybank - Resources for telling your FIP's success story.