INACTIVE Eastern Pacific Ocean tuna - longline (Transmarina)

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Reason for Inactivity
  • At FIP's request
  • Other
  • The vessels that were part of this FIP are no longer dedicated to tuna and instead are targeting only swordfish.
  • Overview

    In 2016, the longliner fishery of Transmarina conducted a pre-assessed against the MSC v2.0 Standard. The unit of assessment considered for the analysis was: Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), Bigeye (Thunnus obesus) and South Pacific Albacore (Thunnus Alalunga), with longline vessels under the flag of Ecuador in the Eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO).

    The Transmarina longline fleet has 2 industrial longline vessels between 42 and 50 meters length, operating in international waters in the FAO 87 zone, in the Galapagos Islands and within the EEZ of Ecuador. Vessels name: Altar 10 and 21.

    The general settings and the fishing gear are similar to the Japanese fleet operating in the EPO. It is estimated that vessels deploy between 2000 and 3000 hooks during each fishing operation, with an average depth between 35 and 40 m. The catches include a wide range of retained species (up to 17 in total),  most of which are sharks.

    The pre-assessment was based on a previous analysis of the Ecuadorian purse-seine tuna fishery (MRAG Americas, 2015), which was adapted for the longline fishery and updated to the new version (v2.0) of the MSC standard. The Standard evaluates three principles.

    FIP Description 

    In 2016, the longliner fishery of Transmarina conducted a pre-assessed against the MSC v2.0 Standard.

    FIP Objective(s) 

    Achieve MSC v2.0 Standard certification by December 2023.


    FIP Type 
    FIP Stage 
    Stage 4: Improvements in Fishing Practices or Fishery Management
    Start and Projected End Dates
    November 2018
    December 2023
    Progress UPDATE: August 2020 Because of the problems caused by the pandemic, it will push forward the end date of the FIP to December 2023. We are working very hard to achieve our goals on time. And this date update will be reflected in this website at the end of this year because we are in the middle of a modification in the work plan.
    Last Progress Report Reviewed 
    Saturday, September 30, 2023
    Next Progress Report Due 
    Sunday, March 31, 2024
    Common Name 
    Albacore Tuna
    Scientific Name
    Thunnus alalunga
    Common Name 
    Yellowfin Tuna
    Scientific Name
    Thunnus albacares
    Common Name 
    Bigeye Tuna
    Scientific Name
    Thunnus obesus
    Gear Type 
    FAO Major Fishing Area
    Area 87 (Pacific, Southeast)
    Exclusive Economic Zones
    Regional Fisheries Management Organization
    High Seas Name 
    Pacific Ocean
    Estimated Total FIP Landings 
    230 metric tons
    Estimated Total Fishery Landings 
    62,513 metric tons
    Landings Date 
    December 2022

    FIP Leads

    Organization Name 
    Organization Type 
    Primary Contact 
    Guillermo Morán
    +593 98 488 1516
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