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Reason for Inactivity
  • Missed two consecutive reports


The German retail chain ALDI SOUTH Germany has been buying sea caught shrimp from SHORE/Ristic for the German retail market for years already. Both companies strive to increase the share of sustainable resources in their products and to minimise the negative ecological and social impacts of production. This also applies to responsible fishing. Therefore, together they support a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) in Southern India in close collaboration and work towards continuous improvement within the supply chain. The common aim is to guide the fishery in their development towards MSC certification. ALDI SOUTH secured funding and assigned SHORE/Ristic with the implementation of the FIP. As FIP coordinator, the consulting company bluesensus has been appointed. After the final selection of the Palk Bay Flower Shrimp fishery, bluesensus started to promote the idea of a FIP in India in 2017. In 2018, a pre-assessment against MSC criteria was conducted by Dr. Paul Medley and a first larger stakeholder event was organized in Tuticorin discussing the FIP with fishermen, processors and other involved stakeholders in May 2018. More details about the FIP are presented in the Scoping Document as well as in the Pre-Assessment Report.

FIP Description 

The German retail chain ALDI SOUTH Germany has been buying sea caught shrimp from SHORE/Ristic for the German retail market for years already.

FIP Objective(s) 

This FIP aims to achieve the following objectives by Nov 2020:

  • Draft Harvest Strategy and first steps in the development of a Harvest Control Rule that fits the Flowershrimp fishery, by the Central Marine Research Institute (CMFRI)
  • On-Board collection of catch data, assessment of by-catch and promotion of different gear modifications (e.g. Juvenile Fish Excluder cum Shrimp Sorting Device; Turtle Excluder)
  • Elaboration and finalization of a Code of Practice with fishermen (participatory approach).
  • Review of existing Fishery Management Plan in co-operation with Tamil Nadu Fishery Department.
  • Installation of a fishery specific participatory Working Committee
  • Complete a 2nd MSC pre-assessment 
FIP Type 
FIP Stage 
Stage 2: FIP Launch
Start and Projected End Dates
March 2018
November 2020
The previous end date was July 2020. Part of the Action plan could not be concluded by July 2020 due to Covid-19 lockdown in India and in Europe. The observer program had to be postponed to November 2020 and the second preassessment to December 2020/January 2021.
Next Progress Report Due 
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Common Name 
Green Tiger Prawn
Scientific Name
Penaeus semisulcatus
Gear Type 
Bottom Trawl
FAO Major Fishing Area
Area 57 (Indian Ocean, Eastern)
Exclusive Economic Zones
Geographic Scope 
Palk Bay & Gulf of Mannar (Tamil Nadu)
Country Flag of Vessel 
Estimated Total FIP Landings 
4,050 metric tons
Estimated Total Fishery Landings 
4,500 metric tons
Landings Date 
January 2018

FIP Leads

Organization Name 
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Udo Censkowsky
FIP Identification Number The FIP Identification Number is automatically generated by FisheryProgress when a FIP profile is created. While the number itself is not meaningful, they are used by NGOs, academia, and industry to refer to FIPs in a consistent way.