Mexico North Pacific barred sand bass - pot/trap

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A barred sand bass FIP is being implemented in the Mexican North Pacific with the main objective of achieving a sustainable fishery. This fishery covers around 150 km of western coastline on the central Baja California peninsula and a portion of the fishing zone is inside of the Reserva de la Biósfera El Vizcaíno Natural Protected Area. The barred sand bass fishery is the third most important fishery in Baja California Sur State and in 2016, the total catch was worth approximately USD $1.2 million.

FIP Description 

A barred sand bass FIP is being implemented in the Mexican North Pacific with the main objective of achieving a sustainable fishery.

FIP Objective(s) 

By the project's target end date, the FIP hopes to achieve the following:

  • To improve the performance of the barred sand bass fishery moving towards sustainability, that means to have all PIs above or equal to SG60 and an Overall BMT Index at least 0.8 by December 2023
  • To protect biomass and recruitment while optimizing yield at sustainable levels, having a Harvest Strategy in place with HCR, Information and Monitoring efficient system and periodically Assessment of stock status by December 2022
  • To improve the regulatory framework and its application for a better fishery management, through the publication and implementation of the Barred Sand Bass fishery management plan by December 2019
  • To promote capacity building through the organization, training and linkage between cooperatives, organizations and institutions, through the establishment of a consultative committee for the Barred Sand Bass fishery by December 2020
  • To strengthen good fish processing practices within the productive chain, seeking market tools and incentives such as certification of vessels for good practices, fair trade business model, buyers committed to sustainable fishing by December 2023
FIP Type 
FIP Stage 
Stage 4: Improvements in Fishing Practices or Fishery Management
Start and Projected End Dates
January 2018
December 2024
Next Progress Report Due 
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Common Name 
Barred Sand Bass
Scientific Name
Paralabrax nebulifer
Gear Type 
FAO Major Fishing Area
Area 77 (Pacific, Eastern Central)
Exclusive Economic Zones
Geographic Scope 
Baja California Sur, Mexican North Pacific
Estimated Total FIP Landings 
861 metric tons
Estimated Total Fishery Landings 
4,401 metric tons
Landings Date 
December 2020

FIP at a Glance

7% 21% 71%
January 01, 2018
11% 25% 64%
Progress Rating

A - Advanced Progress
Reserved for comprehensive FIPs that have a Stage 4 or 5 result within the past 12 months.

B - Good Progress
A FIP that has achieved a Stage 4 or 5 in more than 12 months AND Stage 3 activity in the last year; OR a basic FIP that has achieved Stage 4 or 5 achievements within the past 12 months.

C - Some Recent Progress
A FIP that has achieved a Stage 4 or 5 result in more than 12 (but less than 24) months but has not generated a Stage 3 result within the past 12 months OR a FIP younger than a year that has never achieved a Stage 4 or 5 result but has completed a Stage 3 activity.

D - Some Past Progress
A FIP for which the most recent publicly reported Stage 4 or 5 result is more than 24 (but less than 30) months.

E - Negligible Progress
A FIP older than a year that has not reported a Stage 4 or 5 result in more than 30 month (but less than 36) months; OR a FIP younger than 1 year that has not reported a Stage 3 activity.

The ratings are currently derived by SFP from publicly available data on FIP websites, including, and are determined using the following methodology: View PDF
B Good Progress
Actions Complete

This pie chart represents completed environmental actions. Non-completed environmental actions may contain completed sub-tasks that are not illustrated here. For more information on environmental action progress visit the Actions Progress tab.

  • Complete
  • Incomplete
Next Update Due FisheryProgress requires a FIP to provide update reports every six months, and two missed reports will render the FIP inactive. If a report is overdue, this date will appear red.
Nov 2021
Target End Date
Dec 2024
Additional Impacts:

FIP Leads

Organization Name 
Pronatura Noroeste A.C.
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Pablo Alvarez
+526461753461 ext. 110
Organization Name 
Organization Type 
Primary Contact 
Mario Ramade
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