Appeal a FIP

If a FIP implementer or stakeholder has concerns about the outcome of a type/stage or progress review, he/she will first contact the reviewer to discuss these concerns, address questions, or correct inaccuracies in the reporting so that the issue can be resolved informally if possible.

If the challenge cannot be addressed informally, the FIP implementer or other stakeholder can enter into a formal appeals process to challenge the decision by the reviewer:

  • Appeal filed. The FIP implementer files a notice of appeal within 30 calendar days of the reviewer’s decision, or an outside stakeholder files a notice of appeal at any point. The appeal template document (available for download here) requests basic information for appeals (including FIP name, appeal requester’s information, explanation of appeal, etc.). Once completed, the party requesting appeal will send it to FisheryProgress ( If the appealing party is an outside stakeholder, it will remain anonymous during the process.
  • Initial review. A majority of the Technical Oversight Committee reviews the appeal and makes a recommendation to the Advisory Committee within 30 calendar days.
  • Final decision. The Advisory Committee reviews the Technical Oversight Committee’s recommendation. If there is disagreement, a joint meeting is held between the Advisory Committee and the Technical Oversight Committee to discuss the disagreement. At the end of the meeting, the Advisory Committee makes the final decision about how to proceed. A final decision must be reached within 30 calendar days.
  • Decision communicated. The reviewer communicates the final decision back to the party requesting appeal within one week (as well as the FIP, if appeal was filed by an outside stakeholder). The communication will not be public, though the FIP may do its own communication about its status.

You can read more about FisheryProgress’ conflict resolution and appeals process in the FIP Review Guidelines [Spanish version] [Bahasa Indonesia version].