Eastern Pacific Ocean tropical tuna - purse seine (TUNACONS)

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 Ecuadorian fishing firms created TUNACONS in July 2016 as a joint effort to promote a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) for purse-seine tuna fisheries. This effort will build a process to achieve Marine Stewardship Council Standard (MSC) certification. Meeting the MSC Standard is widely accepted in global markets with the acknowledgement that a certified fishery’s products come from a sustainable production model.

TUNACONS involves 45 Purse Seine vessels, that represent 17% of the fleet operating in the area. The FIP is managed by the Tuna Conservation Group (TUNACONS) together with WWF Ecuador and with the support of the Ecuadorian Ministry of aquaculture and fishing, INP National Fishery Institute and EPESPO Fishery School of the EPO


    FIP Description 

     Ecuadorian fishing firms created TUNACONS in July 2016 as a joint effort

    FIP Objective(s) 

    By 2020, this FIP aims to:

    • Develop sustainable fish stocks guidelines during our certification process​​​​​​
    • Achieve an effective management for the fishery
    • Minimize environmental impacts from our vessels
    • Achieve MSC certification


      FIP Type 
      FIP Stage 
      Stage 4: Improvements in Fishing Practices or Fishery Management
      Start and Projected End Dates
      July 2016
      September 2018
      Next Progress Report Due 
      Tuesday, October 30, 2018
      Common Name 
      Yellowfin Tuna
      Scientific Name 
      Thunnus albacares
      Additional Names 
      atún, tuna.
      Common Name 
      Bigeye Tuna
      Scientific Name 
      Thunnus obesus
      Additional Names 
      patudo, atún.
      Common Name 
      Skipjack Tuna
      Scientific Name 
      Katsuwonus pelamis
      Additional Names 
      barrilete, bonito barrilete.
      Gear Type 
      Purse Seine
      FAO Major Fishing Area
      Area 77 (Pacific, Eastern Central)
      Area 87 (Pacific, Southeast)
      Exclusive Economic Zones
      Marshall Islands (the)
      Country Flag of Vessel 
      Country Flag of Vessel 
      Country Flag of Vessel 
      United States of America (the)
      Country Flag of Vessel 
      Regional Fisheries Management Organization
      FIP Volume 
      113,568 metric tons

      FIP at a Glance

      7% 43% 50%
      July 01, 2016
      7% 43% 50%
      Progress Rating

      A - Advanced Progress
      Reserved for comprehensive FIPs that have a Stage 4 or 5 result within the past 12 months.

      B - Good Progress
      A FIP that has achieved a Stage 4 or 5 in more than 12 months AND Stage 3 activity in the last year; OR a basic FIP that has achieved Stage 4 or 5 achievements within the past 12 months.

      C - Some Recent Progress
      A FIP that has achieved a Stage 4 or 5 result in more than 12 (but less than 24) months but has not generated a Stage 3 result within the past 12 months OR a FIP younger than a year that has never achieved a Stage 4 or 5 result but has completed a Stage 3 activity.

      D - Some Past Progress
      A FIP for which the most recent publicly reported Stage 4 or 5 result is more than 24 (but less than 30) months.

      E - Negligible Progress
      A FIP older than a year that has not reported a Stage 4 or 5 result in more than 30 month (but less than 36) months; OR a FIP younger than 1 year that has not reported a Stage 3 activity.

      The ratings are currently derived by SFP from publicly available data on FIP websites, including FisheryProgress.org, and are determined using the following methodology: View PDF
      A Advanced Progress
      Actions Complete
      • Complete
      • Incomplete
      Next Update Due FisheryProgress requires a FIP to provide update reports every six months, and two missed reports will render the FIP inactive. If a report is overdue, this date will appear red.
      Oct 2018
      Target End Date
      Sep 2018

      FIP Leads

      Organization Name 
      TUNACONS - Tuna Conservation Group
      Organization Type 
      Primary Contact 
      Ing. Guillermo Morán V.
      +593984881516 gmoran@tunacons.org, gamv@gmail.com
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